(2) Bong Bong Brawlers - 153

(3) Jindy Jailbirds - 165


(7) Bong Bong Bruisers - 166

(4) Jindy Jailbird Fish - 113

After a 32 point away win against the Lunchcutters last weekend, Coach Vin and Team Brawlers fancied their chances at home in Bong Bong this weekend.  Increasing their chances was the fact that as a result of the heavy security required for the Jailbird players, there was no prospect of the visiting team having a training run on the unfamiliar and tricky Bong Bong Oval surface.  Although with many of the Jailbird’s still hung-over from the copious amounts of prison hooch consumed after their inaugural win last weekend, there likely would have been a poor turn-out in any event. 

If the correctional guards on duty to watch the Jailbirds were concerned about possible escape attempts over the weekend, their fears were soon eased on arrival finding that there’s bugger all at Bong Bong to facilitate an escape.  To an untrained eye, it looked as if everything had already escaped from Bong Bong many years ago and the Jindy players would be best to try to facilitate an escape from elsewhere…

But with both teams undefeated in both forms of the game after round 1 and sitting on 2nd and 3rd respectively on the table, the locals (known as Bongites) came from far and wide to cheer on the Brawlers for their first home game in the ORFF League.  And there was plenty to cheer about in the undercard to the main event with the Bong Bong Bruisers up against the Jindy Jailbirds Fish in the reserves grade.  The Bruisers were so confident of a victory, they didn’t even bother fielding a full back.  Fielding only 17 players, the Bruisers still managed to gang-up on the Fish and give them an old-fashioned Bong Bong belting by 53 points.  Merrett (156), Dunstan (143), Crameri (142) and Hawkins (124) had a field day against the hapless Fish who were unable to compete and were left in a bloodied, disfigured state come game end.   

With the Bongites in fine voice after the Bruisers towelling of the Jindy Fish, it was the turn of the big boys to go at it.  The Bong Bong Brawlers against the Jindy Jailbird Lifers.  Now typically, the Lifers don’t tend to get on with the new inmates at the Jindy Correctional Centre (JCC), but they certainly didn’t appreciate the Bruisers giving the Fish a once-over that they would normally dish out themselves back at the JCC.  A call to arms by the Jailbirds shot-caller in Ablett saw the team come out firing against the Brawlers.  It was messy and the Bongites were absolutely LOVING it!!

With the Brawlers taking advantage of their intimate knowledge of the swirly conditions in the vast expanse of nothingness that is Bong Bong, their forwards had an absolute field day, led by “the Beast” Breust and “Rocky” Rockliff.  With Mummy controlling the ruck contests, something very special was going to be required for Jindy.  And enter the bald little nugget, Ablett.  With a BOG display of 182 and with good support from all midfielders who cracked 100+ scores, the Jailbirds managed to sneak away with a win by a 2 goal margin. 

While there was no hooch to be found post-game in Bong Bong, rest assured she’ll be flowin’ when the boys get back to Jindy.  Tough loss though for the Bongites.  With a balanced team across both seniors and reserves, a slight dip across the midfield this week and team selection cost them victory.  Jindy are stoked to get away with a win away against one of the leading contenders in such a high scoring contest…